InviroTech introduces Ionizers at a Seminar in KLCC

A one-day Seminar on Smart Homes & Automated Buildings was organized in Kaula Lumpur Convention Centre on November 9, 2012. Mr Mohan Dhingra, Managing Director, InviroTech Systems was amongst the speakers at the Seminar. He spoke about Ionizers for Air Purification in Smart Homes and Automated Buildings.

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Mr Mohan Dhinga introducing Ionizers at the Seminar

The Audiences included members from building and construction industry, Supplier/ Distributors / Traders / Wholesalers and end users, Facilities Management Professionals, System Integrators, Networking and Electronic Engineers, Procurement Managers, as well as Real Estate Developers. All present found the InviroTech’s presentation quiet informative and intriguing. There were many interesting questions from them.

Audiences at the Seminar

Audiences at the Seminar


Importance of IAQ

Mr Dhingra speaking on the importance of IAQ

The media present at the seminar spoke to Mr Dhingra about his views on Green Buildings and the industry in general.

Media interviewing the Managing Director, InviroTech Systems

Media interviewing the Managing Director, InviroTech Systems

To know more about Ionizers and how they are beneficial in Air Purification and Germ Control, please write to us at


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