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COVID-19 has elevated the understanding of importance of good indoor air quality for entire population of this planet. People now know how the air we breathe can have the potential to make us sick or keep us healthy depending on the purity of air we breathe.  Each breath that passes through our body can bring in the contents of our surroundings into our lungs and that thought itself now makes us think of perils of poor indoor air quality

The importance of good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is of huge significance for commercial buildings like offices, shopping malls, cinemas, auditoriums, stadiums and other commercial establishments. The occupants of these buildings, be it workers for offices or customers in malls cinemas, etc. are susceptible to adverse health conditions due to poor indoor air quality. Good IAQ which includes proper humidity control, germ control and particulate control ensures that the air conditioning facilities of these buildings do not become disease spreaders. Since most of these buildings have central air-conditioning systems, these become air-churners of sorts as they mix the air from various areas and then redistribute it back to building zones. These means that the contamination from one area of building can spread to other areas with great ease through air-conditioning systems.

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Commercial buildings have a high flux of people coming and going constantly, with a lot of entrances and exits. This makes them a prime candidate for high humidity to take over, and cause problems for the aesthetics and the health of the building and the people. Humidity is very tricky to control, especially once it has already started to cause mold and fungal growth. InviroTech Heat Pipes can help control humidity from the very start of the project. This innovative product provides great relative humidity in the supply air with no energy cost or moving components that need to be maintained. The humidity is achieved by the cooling coil lowering the air temperature sufficiently, but this air will then be too cold to be supplied to the area of concern, so heat pipes can raise the temperature and lower the humidity to the required amount. InviroTech can help out with the suggested design conditions too and provide sample heat load calculations for guidance.

All commercial buildings have some amount of exhaust, whether that is from the occupied spaces or from the toilets. This exhaust is maintained for better Indoor Air Quality but comes at the cost of bringing in the same amount of fresh air which needs to be treated. This fresh air needs to be cooled from the current outdoor condition to the required supply air condition and takes up a lot more energy compared to cooling the recirculating air which starts off at a lower temperature. InviroTech Straight Heat Pipes are able to make use of the exhaust by using it to pre-cool the incoming fresh air thus, saving energy for your AHU and PAHU and possibly allowing them to remove more moisture from the air due to the extra available capacity. The best part is that these straight heat pipes require very little maintenance and can last over a decade since they do not require any moving parts.

Commercial buildings have gotten under a lot more scrutiny in the last few years during the COVID era has they have a constant flow of people coming and going. Although, having lots of people is good for business, it can cause lots of issues for the air quality. People can bring diseases with them that they are not even aware of and infect others in their surroundings. InviroTech has been working on Spectra UVGI Systems since before the COVID days since their primary function back then was to keep your cooling coil in the AHUs free from germs, but now they are most commonly used for treating the air whilst saving energy for your coils. Spectra UVGI Systems have been proven to eliminate more than 99.9% of COVID-19 in a matter of seconds, and this applies to all living microorganisms that may be floating in the air at any given time.

Having heavy foot fall is great for business but that also brings in a lot of dust and particulate matter we can barely see. In fact, it is so small, we breathe it in and it goes into our bloodstream too. Although it sounds scary, air filters can help remove these particles from the air, but only certain filters can. This is where ZenAir Electronic Air Cleaners can help because they are able to capture even minuscule particulate matter with the power of polarisation. This is even more affective in facilities such as malls, move theatres, and most other commercial buildings because of the high air recycling rate. With every pass of the air, the filters are able to catch more and more particles in the air, leaving the air fresh and healthy.