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Importance of good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is of huge significance for Educational facilities like schools, colleges and similar buildings.  As students and teachers spend a significant amount of time indoors in these buildings, the quality of air they breathe has a huge bearing on how they feel and consequently their performance. Furthermore, classes are generally conducted in larger groups in confined spaces giving rise to higher chance of spread of diseases and infections.

Several studies in US and Europe have revealed that improving indoor air quality can enhance the performance of the these institutions as the student sick leaves reduce and even while they are present in class rooms, they are healthy and safe.

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Educational institutions can often suffer from high humidity due to the latent loads (moisture load) that large number of students in confined spaces can bring. The ideal humidity range for comfort and prevention of mold growth is around 50-60% relative humidity, however this can be difficult to achieve at a temperature between 22-24 deg C. In order to account for the latent loads of the room, the cooling coil of the Air Handling Unit has to be lowered to achieve the room dew point under load. Although this can be achieved, the air is far too cold to be supplied to the room and some amount of reheating is needed. As opposed to traditional reheating by electric heaters where the energy cost is too high, the Wrap-around Heat Pipes can offer a zero energy solution to reach the required relative humidity of the room. This will ensure a pleasant and mold and fungal free environment for our future leaders.

Educational institutions often have larger exhausts especially in certain cases such as labs. The exhaust air had been cooled from fresh air all the way down to or below room temperature, and so the energy putting into cooling the exhaust is wasted. However, Straight Heat Pipes can help recover some of the energy by using the exhaust air to pre-cool the fresh air before it enters the AHU or PAHU. This can make a huge impact on the overall energy savings especially when the ratio of exhaust is high, as more fresh air is recommend indoors in the post-COVID era.

Since educational Institutions consist mainly of students confined to a classroom or a lecture hall, all breathing in the same air, if one student is feeling ill, it is possible that he can pass infections to other students. Consider that an infected student could be going to multiple classrooms or lecture halls daily and how many interactions he would be having. This is one of the major reasons why universities were among the first to close down during the COVID-19 pandemic. InviroTech UVGI Systems can bring some sense of safety in a world like this by helping to disinfect the air whilst providing energy savings. UVGI systems can treat the air by deactivating micro-organisms in less than a second and keep cooling coils clean in you AHU.

Educational institutions can be an ideal use case for ZenAir Electronic Air Cleaners (EACs), especially since classrooms often have high recirculated air. Recirculated air is where the Electronic Air Cleaners shine because they capture a certain percentage of the particulate matter floating in the air as opposed to traditional filters which focus on a specific size of particles. ZenAir Electronic Air Cleaners do not have this restriction and are able to capture minuscule particles and larger ones alike and their efficiency only rises with the more times that the air passes through them. In high populated rooms, such as lecture halls and classrooms, students bring in a lot of particulate matter that we often cannot see such as dead skin cells, and these particles stay in the air but ZenAir Electronic Air Cleaners can put a stop to that.