Transportation Facilities

Maintaining good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is of huge significance for Transportation facilities. These are often large sized buildings and facilities with a combination of various means of transportation. The examples include Airports, Train Stations, Bus Stations, etc.

Transportation facilities often get very crowded and such proximity of people to one another enhances the risk of disease pick up. Of course the impressions and opinion of the clients and users of these buildings matter but it is health risk that is of even more concern in these places.  One may ask why? What is so special about these places as compared to other commercial establishments? The reason one needs to be more careful about IAQ in these buildings is that the travelling populations comes from far and wide and these people can bring in diseases to a hitherto benign and clean healthy place. The rapid spread of COVID-19 via travellers from one country to another is a very recent phenomena this planet went through.

In addition to above factors, the transportation hubs often have vehicles and planes as contamination sources itself. Engine exhausts are a very potent source of air pollution and these facilities often have plenty of engine revving and generating pollution that can be sucked into the buildings making the indoor air unsafe and unpleasant.

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High relative humidity can become an issue very easily, especially if there are sources of latent load like lots of moving people. High humidity can cause mold growth on surfaces and even release spores into the air. High humidity can even be known to damage certain kinds of equipment. This information is obviously very relevant to indoor or underground transportation facilities as the fresh air is also limited. 

This is where InviroTech Heat Pipes can make a significant impact on indoor humidity. Heat Pipes are able to reheat the air to the required temperature, thus lowering the humidity of the supply air after the cooling coil in the air handling units. This method of humidity control enables our clients to target a relative humidity between 50% to 60% with relative ease. This is an ideal range to prevent mold growth and also to keep the busy travellers safe.

Most indoor and underground facilities have a significant amount of exhaust for multiple reasons. Two main reasons are possible fumes from the transportation vehicles and second is the lack of fresh air and carbon dioxide build up due to the large amounts of people rushing in and out of said vehicles. This means that a lot of air needs to be exhausted and also fresh air needs to be brought in. However, when exhausting room temperature air, we are essentially wasting the energy we used to cool it down in the first place. InviroTech Straight Heat Pipes are able to help recover a lot of that energy and make the building a lot greener. Straight Heat Pipes are able to transfer heat from one airstream to another, thus the fresh air will lose it’s heat to the exhaust and thus, save a measurable amount of cooling capacity from the cooling coil.

In underground and indoor transportation facilities, the goal is to maximise the number of people to allow them to get where they need. This large flux of people has inherent risks associated with it, one of which is the possibility of disease transmission. In the recent past, we have seen COVID-19 take over the world shutting down everything and it is unlikely such cases are once in a lifetime given the huge outbreak of SARS just a few years before. If viruses are willing to adapt, so can we and we can do this with Spectra UVGI Systems. 

Spectra UVGI Systems can help keep the air clean and also provide energy savings. By installing the UVGI systems which consist of UVC lamps in the air handling units and the ductings, the air is constantly being sanitised and disinfected. Spectra UVGI Systems have been proven to eliminate COVID-19 with greater than 99.99% effectiveness in less than 3 seconds. Not only can UVGI keep your air clean, but also save energy when installing them in the air handling unit in front of the cooling coils. The energy savings happen by the UVC lights as they keep the cooling coil clean from biofilm. Formation of Biofilms on the cooling coil overtime significantly lowers the performance of the heat transfer. However, installation of UVGI systems can see up to 15% better performance of the cooling coil.

Any place which has a lot of people moving will have a lot of dust and particulate build up in the air quickly and this is especially true of transportation facilities. People walk from point to point, and bring with them dirt from outside and kicking it into the air while walking, and depositing dead skin cells too. Especially in indoor or underground facilities, the dust keeps recirculating due to the lack of fresh air. 

ZenAir Electronic Air Cleaners can help solve this issue by filtering out both minuscule to large particles in the air. The best part is that their performance is shown to increase the more times the air recirculates in the air, thus improving their efficiency dramatically. This makes ZenAir Electronic Air Cleaners the ideal product to have for airports, train stations and bus stations.