Spectra UVGI Systems


Metaphorically speaking, Buildings “breathe” through their air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The quality of the air inside the building, known as Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), depends significantly on the state of its air-conditioning systems. UVGI installation in these systems can markedly improve the IAQ. Since building occupants breathe in and out the air provided by the HVAC system, their health can be significantly affected by the IAQ of the building. These health conditions are clinically diagnosable diseases or conditions (or allergic reactions) caused by microorganisms or substances present in a building grouped, and named, as Building Related Illness (BRI).

After the world has experienced the epidemic of COVID-19, buildings equipped with IAQ enhancing equipment are now the preferred choice of buyers and tenants of properties. Developers and building owners are increasingly deploying equipment such as UVGI systems for AHU and UVGI for ducts that have the capability to neutralize harmful microbes like viruses, bacteria, etc.

Spectra UVGI Systems from InviroTech are a high-performance germicidal solution which enhances the confidence of building users that the HVAC system is well prepared to inhibit the spread of diseases caused by viruses and other microbes through its ducting and equipment. UVC for ducts and UVC for AHUs can continuously keep purifying the air by deactivating and destroying the bacteria, viruses, etc.

With InviroTech Spectra UVGI System, the air-conditioning system can provide not just cool comfort, but also provide air that is safe and healthy for the occupants through effective air disinfection. UVGI air purifiers play a crucial role in ensuring that the air circulated through the HVAC system is free from harmful microbes, providing a safe and comfortable environment for building occupants.

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