Our Products

InviroTech is a dependable and efficient provider of solutions, offering products that enhance Indoor Air Quality while also ensuring energy conservation. This dual-objective accomplishment sets InviroTech apart as a preferred choice within the eco-friendly building sector.

The forte of InviroTech lies in its ability to deliver all-encompassing and tailor-made solutions, utilizing a broad spectrum of technologies. Products from InviroTech are trustworthy, user-friendly, and offer substantial value to the purchaser. Our dedication to excellence positions us as a reliable partner in the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) domain.

Heat Pipes

InviroTech Heat Pipes enhance indoor air quality, by controling humidity and keeping mold/fungus away. Having no moving parts, they help in saving energy as well.

UVGI Systems

InviroTech Spectra UVGI Systems boost IAQ: Kill viruses/bacteria for AHU/Ducts. Our UVC solutions ensure safer indoor ambience w/ sanitized, healthy air.

ZenAir Eletronic Air Cleaners

ZenAir's Electronic Air Cleaners ensure purer air by targeting to remove PM 2.5 particles, which may pose health threat to the occupants of the conditioned space.

ZenAir Air Purifiers

ZenAir Air Purifiers combat biological/non-biologicals contaminants. Perfect for the elderly, pregnant women & those with respiratory issues.

Electrostatic Precipitators

ZenAir Electrostatic Precipitators: eco-friendly industrial air purifiers for kitchen exhaust air, capturing and removing even the tiniest of pollutants.

Chilled Water Valves

Pressure independent control valves with dynamic temperature control & precise water flow rate regulation; for heating & cooling systems, delivering consistent performance.