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In the Food and Pharmaceutical industries, quality of the products is of utmost importance, and anything that can affect this quality can have a significant impact on production and sales. That is why these industries are so strict in terms of their controls. However, one aspect that is sometimes overlooked is Indoor Air Quality. 

It is often believed that Indoor Air Quality is mainly for the occupants to be comfortable and healthy but it can also have a significant impact on the products. For instance humidity can play a role in the deterioration of machinery, or packaging or the product itself. Microbes in the air can come from several sources, such as humans, mold in the air, cooling coil, etc. These industry rely on the Indoor Air Quality being optimal at all times and so taking care of the air is a worthwhile investment.

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For products of the food and pharmaceutical industry, high humidity is a very serious matter, not only because of the potential of mold indoors but also because of the adverse effects it can have on the products and the machinery. There are several ways to address the issue of high humidity but most have some pretty significant drawbacks such as high initial cost, high operating cost, maintenance, and the list goes on.

That’s where InviroTech Heat Pipes can shine, as they provide great relative humidity at no additional operating cost and basically no maintenance cost! Heat Pipes, in fact, can even save energy for your cooling coils in the AHUs be transferring the heat from the return air and fresh air mixture to after the cooling coil, thus lowering the load on the cooling coil.

In order to maintain cleaner air, and also due to the nature of the industry, the food and pharmaceutical industries tend to have larger exhausts in their plants. This exhaust, air that is generally being exhausted, has been cooled to room temperature, which means that energy had been spent on it. Instead of letting all that energy go to waste, it is possible to use the cooler exhaust, to cool down the fresh air intake of the building. 

InviroTech Straight Heat Pipes can do this by removing the heat from the fresh air and transferring it to the exhaust air, thereby giving the air handling units precooled air to lower the chilled water usage by the cooling coils. This is an ideal solution for food and pharmaceutical plants because Straight Heat Pipes can ensure that there is absolutely no cross contamination between to the two airsteams, thus making it safe to exchange heat. These Straight Heat Pipes will pay for themselves in no time!

As the food and pharmaceutical industries take the quality of their products very seriously, they will take factors that affect the said quality just as seriously. One of the factors that can affect the products is the air quality. Most production facilities have staff moving around, and they bring with them microbes without even knowing it themselves. This is however, not the only source of microbes in the air, as cooling coils are also found to send large quantities of microbes into the air. This happens because cooling coils inherently operate in cold and damp environments which make them ideal breeding grounds for mold and bacteria. Overtime, these microbes grow on the fins and the drain pans of the air handling units and the supply air brings them into the rooms and other facilities. This is why cooling maintenance is so necessary. But between maintenance, there is still constant microbe growth happening between the coils. This is where Spectra UVGI Systems can help by keeping the air and coil clean. UVGI Systems use UVC to inactivate all microorganisms on the coil and the air. This not only improves the quality of the air but also saves energy by ensuring that the cooling coil is performing at optimum conditions and that there is no biofilm build up on the coils.

Food and pharmaceutical industries prioritise air quality to ensure the quality of their products is maintained. That is why such strict measure are often in place such as wearing masks, hair nets, gloves, coats, etc. Any amount of contamination could have a significant financial impact on the company. But it is hard to keep products in a vacuum, so air quality is considered to be vital. 

ZenAir Electronic Air Cleaners are very effective in keeping the air clean by constantly working to remove particulate matter in the air. Unlike traditional air filters, Electronic Air Cleaners’ efficiency increases every time the air passes through them as they are able to high percentage of particulate matter in every single pass and this includes very fine particles as well.