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At InviroTech, our focus is to provide innovative products that are reliable and simple yet efficient. With 25 years of industry experience and commitment, we strive to exceed our customer expectations and solve all their IAQ related problems, be it related with temperature, humidity, ventilation, dust, microbial containment or odor in indoor air.

Our strength is in our capability to offer a variety of technologies in order to provide a truly comprehensive and customised solution. Our solutions are practical and economically feasible at the same time. Our constant craving for excellence makes us distinctive and allows us to build long term association with our partners as well as our customers.

Visionary Leadership of

Mohan Dhingra

Keeping InviroTech Always Ahead

Mohan Dhingra is the Managing Director and founder of InviroTech Systems Sdn Bhd (“InviroTech”), the market leader in Indoor Air Quality (“IAQ”) and energy conservation products. With over 30 years of industry experience and as the chief technologist at InviroTech, Mohan’s zeal and dedication as an IAQ specialist in the field of humidity control and air purification has earned him the acclaimed ASEAN-India SME Award in 2018.

Mohan is a well respected member of MASHRAE (Malaysia Chapter of American Society of Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers) as well as Malaysia Green Building Confederation (MGBC). Letter of appreciation and recommendation attached.

InviroTech was established in 2005 with the primary focus of offering innovative, energy-saving IAQ and humidity-control products that were efficient, reliable, and simple to use. Today, the company is the undisputed trailblazer in the niche product categories of heat pipes, UV germicidal irradiation lamps, and electronic air purifiers.

InviroTech Pte. Ltd., the most recent venture for Mohan, was established in 2018, to  service Singapore and other overseas markets.