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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is vital for the hospitality sector for facilities such as hotels, restaurants, and others. The impressions and opinions of the clients and guests of these facilities ie. the guests have huge implication for the facility owners. Such sectors rely heavily on word of mouth and reputation to attract more and flourish their business. It is obvious that freshness in air is one of primary source of how we feel about a place. Stale or contaminated air is not pleasant for anyone and the survival and success of a hotel needs its indoor air to be pleasant and safe.

This is why IAQ is of immense value to Hotels and similar facilities. InviroTech has a wide range of products to help improve every aspect of your IAQ and help you address potential issues before they arrive, because even a small case of mold in a hotel room could leave a lasting impression on guests and thereby the future business.

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High humidity has been a long running issue for hotels all over the world because rooms have constantly changing heat loads and outdoor conditions to face. We have witnessed several hotels struggle to tame humidity until it’s too late and mold and fungus starts to take over both on the wall and behind the wallpapers too. Therefore it is vital to ensure that the hotel can maintain a good level of humidity without increasing operational costs. Wrap-around Heat Pipes can help do just that with no additional operating cost.

There is a strong need and urge to have fresh air in our buildings nowadays, especially after and during the pandemic when it was suggested to stop recirculating air. Given that hotels and other hospitality facilities can have multiple rooms with medium to large groups, it makes sense to have more fresh air. However, although using more fresh air seems like a plus, it is sometimes overlooked that this fresh air needs to be cooled down to our room and heat load requirements. This ends up consuming a lot more energy and this is where we can recover some energy from our exhaust. Straight Heat Pipes allow heat transfer between the incoming fresh air the outgoing exhaust air. This allows the fresh air to be precooled before going to the PAHU or AHU, thus lowering the load on them.

The hotel and hospitality industry rely on consumers coming in and going out on a constant basis. In these high traffic situations, people can bring with them unwanted diseases. In most of these buildings, the fresh air intake is a very small percent of the overall airflow, so sick people are able to spread diseases in constantly recirculating air. In fact, air can be recirculated from a room with sick people to a room with completely healthy people and have them leave infected. All of this can be avoided by a simple device that has gained a lot of recognition over the last few years, Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI). UVGI is able to eliminate all living microorganisms that it comes into contact with in the order of fractions of a second. Not only can UVGI systems help keep the air for our customers clean but also improve the cooling coil performance in the AHUs by double digits and thus save energy.

With people constantly coming in and out of hotels and hospitality facilities, they bring in dust and lots of particulate matter such as skin cells. These go into the air and keep recirculating in our air conditioning systems because the fresh air intake is often so low. These ultra fine particles can stay in the air indefinitely and they can enter our bodies through inhalation and then even into our blood since they are so small. This can be the start of several concerning chronic diseases of heart, lungs and other parts of the body. At particular risk are vulnerable groups like infants, pregnant mothers, elderly and severely ill patients.

InviroTech ZenAir Electronic Air Cleaners range of products provides the functions of removing fine and ultra fine particles from air at very low energy cost.  In comparison to convention filters of high efficiency, InviroTech ZenAir range provides similar effect on air purification with lower costs of maintenance and makes Airconditioning systems more efficiency with dust particle control in the indoor air.