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Importance of good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is of huge significance for Ships and Cruise Vessels. These are humongous sized floating buildings and since they are away from rest of the humanity for considerable periods of time, these places need to be ultra-cautious with the cleanliness and purity of air circulated by air-conditioning systems.

Many of the cruises have in them Casinos, Auditoriums, Restaurants, etc. The impressions and opinion of the clients and users of these locations, i.e. the guests have huge implication for the cruise owners. It is obvious that freshness in air is one of primary source of how we feel about a place. 

Stale or contaminated air is not pleasant for anyone. Many of these places have people sitting and playing very close to each other and disease carrying microbes from one person can quickly infect everyone in the room.  Arguably these ships are one of the most at-risk places for someone to catch diseases that are air borne. Onus to keep clients safe and healthy and happy is on the ship owners. This is necessary not only as an obligation as a host to the visiting guests but also for the very survival and success of the building.

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Humidity control is vital in shipping and cruises as high humidity can have a significant impact on the interiors, and hense in the indoor air quality. Relative humidity is already high to begin with in most ships because of the surroundings, and if it is not controlled, the mold and fungi will start to grow overtime. InviroTech Heat Pipes are an easy way to control humidity without using any power since energy conservation is vital on a ship. Our heat pipes can be made with special coated fins to avoid corrosion from the air at sea and can last as long as the cooling coil in an air handling unit.

Cruise vessels tend to have a significant amount of exhaust air from various sources. This exhaust air is close to room temperature and can be utilised to save some energy on the ship. InviroTech Straight Heat Pipes can use the cold room temperature exhaust to pre-cool the incoming fresh air into the air handling unit. This can save a lot of energy overtime given how precious energy can be. Similarly, if there are hot exhausts from machinery, straight heat pipes can be used to reheat the air after the cooling coils to control relative humidity. This is all possible because heat pipes ensure that there is no cross contamination between the two airstreams, therefore making it very safe for the occupants of the rooms.

In cruise vessels and shipping, a lot of people are present in an enclosed space, and when this is the case, some people are bound to have brought diseases with themselves unknowingly. Being out at sea is not an ideal place to fall sick and that is why transmission by air has become such a big concern in the post-COVID era. That’s where Spectra UVGI Systems can help to mitigate microorganisms in the air and also save energy for the air handling units. When the UVGI System is installed in front of the cooling coil, the light is able clean the air being supplied to the occupied areas and also keep the coil clean from biofouling which results in double digit energy savings for the chilled water flow.

Overtime, when people come and go, dust builds up on surfaces and in the air. The sources of such particulate matter in cruises and shipping is mostly from humans and this can go into the air and into our lungs. Although filters are installed in traditional air handling units, they often can catch only the large particles and struggle with the smaller sizes due the filter limitations. This is where ZenAir Electronic Air Cleaners are able to excel by capturing even the small particles as well as they capture the big ones. Electronic Air Cleaners will work even better the more the air recirculates, eventually capturing almost all the particulate matter in the air.