Straight Heat Pipes

Straight Heat Pipes

For fresh and healthy indoor atmosphere, buildings need to be provided with outdoor air that is fresh. For this, many buildings have dedicated exhaust air systems installed to remove the unwanted stale, foul or contaminated air.

In many types of buildings like hospitals and industrial buildings, the air is exhausted using dedicated exhaust systems. In Hospital and operation theatres, the air is exhausted to keep them clean to avoid any build up of germs in the indoor air and in industrial buildings the exhaust is needed to purge out the chemical, fumes, etc.

Intake of outdoor air causes significant increase in operating cost of air conditioning systems. Straight Heat Pipes are an excellent method to reduce such costs. InviroTech Straight Heat Pipes are installed across two air streams e.g. outgoing exhaust air and incoming fresh air and perform the function of heat exchange between the two air streams.

Highly efficient at heat transfer, heat pipes provide free pre- cooling in summer and free pre-heating in winter operation of air conditioning plant.

Heat pipes have another unique feature that is loved by the customers is the peace of mind they provide with respect to the fears of cross contamination.  Other types of heat exchange devices, for example, heat wheels have the associated worries of cross contamination, since the same media rotates alternately between contaminated exhaust and new fresh air.  There is no such thing happening in heat pipes.  The heat exchange is performed by a working fluid which remains sealed inside copper tubes and there is zero risk for contamination of fresh air.

InviroTech Straight Heat Pipes

Advantages of Straight Heat Pipes

Straight Heat Pipe
  • InviroTech straight heat pipes perform the energy saving in fresh air intake with high efficiency.
  • Zero Maintenance needed by heat pipes as there is no moving part in it, whatsoever.
  • Zero operating cost, as the is no electricity used at all.
  • No breakdowns and repairs needed, ever.
  • No replacement parts or consumables needed, ever. There is nothing to wear out with use.
  • Zero cross contamination since there is 100% physical separated between exhaust and fresh air streams.  Fresh air remains what it came in a as, Fresh.
  • Minimum space requirement as the foot print of straight heat pips is small.
  • Can be easily installed on roof top as the rains etc do not harm the heat pipes.