Heat Pipes Unique Features

Unique Features

  • Heat pipes are one of a kind high capacity heat exchange device that sometimes is even called a super conductor. The heat exchange is performed by an operating fluid using its latent heat, which makes the heat transfer at lightening speed and can begin at minimum delta T.
  • For Air conditioning applications, heat pipes typically use fin and tube heat exchangers, very similar to a cooling coil in basic structure.
  • The transfer of fluid from heat source to heat sink side and vice versa happens due to vapour pressure differences created due to change of phase.  This enables movement of working fluid without any mechanical aid like pumps/compressors etc.  Therefore the entire process of mass transfer (of the working fluid) and heat transfer form the source to sink happens without any moving parts.
  • Since there are no moving parts, virtually there is no wear and tear that happens in a heat pipe as far as the working fluid movement is concerned.
  • Heat pipes require no excessive service effort other than just keeping fins clean from any debris.
  • Heat Pipes have virtually indefinite life span if the fins and copper does not corrode under influence of air properties that it handles.
  • Zero operating cost as there is no external energy required to perform heat transfer.
Wrap Around Heat Pipe
Straight Heat Pipe

Wrap-Around Heat Pipes

Straight Heat Pipes