InviroTech Heat Pipes


Originally invented in NASA laboratories for space applications, a Heat Pipe is a remarkable heat transfer device boasting heat transfer capacities some 1000 times higher than copper, enabling efficient heat transfer from one point to another without requiring an external power supply. Primarily, Heat Pipes find their utility in enhancing indoor air quality in various industries, especially within air-conditioning systems through two principal applications:

  • Wrap-Around Heat Pipes, serving as a heat pipe dehumidifier, are instrumental in humidity control, significantly improving IAQ.
  • Straight Heat Pipes function as an energy recovery heat pipe and heat pipe heat exchanger for energy recovery from exhaust air, thus minimizing the energy required to maintain desirable indoor conditions.

Wrap-Around Heat Pipes

for Improved Indoor Air Humidity

In hot and humid climates, managing indoor humidity is a prevailing issue in air-conditioned buildings as high moisture content in the air can foster the growth of mold and fungus, deteriorating the indoor air quality. Utilizing Wrap-Around Heat Pipes mitigates this issue effectively by enhancing the moisture removal capability of cooling coils at virtually zero operating cost. This application is particularly beneficial in commercial settings like hospitals, hotels, and green buildings, as well as in industries like food and pharmaceuticals, where high humidity spikes can adversely affect product quality.

Wrap Around Heat Pipe

Straight Heat Pipes

for Energy Savings in the Make Up Air Intake

Straight Heat Pipes are an excellent means of energy recovery heat pipe system in the makeup air intake process, aiding in substantial energy savings. The exhaust air from air-conditioned buildings imposes a significant energy penalty; however, with the employment of Straight Heat Pipes by InviroTech, the pre-conditioning of makeup air through energy exchange with the exhaust air not only saves energy but also reduces operating costs. Remarkably, this energy recovery process through heat pipe heat exchanger technology guarantees zero cross contamination, ensuring the quality of fresh air intake remains uncompromised.

InviroTech Straight Heat Pipes