InviroTech Heat Pipes


Originally invented in NASA laboratories for space applications, A Heat Pipe is a heat transfer device that has heat transfer capacities some 1000 times higher than copper and can transfer heat from one point to another without having to use an external power supply. Heat Pipes find uses in wide array of industries and for air-conditioning there are mainly two principal applications:

  • Wrap-Around Heat Pipes for humidity control that helps to improve IAQ
  • Straight Heat Pipes for energy recovery from exhaust air.

Wrap-Around Heat Pipes

for improved Indoor Air Humidity

In hot & humid climates, there is high moisture content in the air and often times, in such climates keeping  the indoor humidity down becomes a problem in air conditioned buildings.  It is a well known fact that high indoor humidity can lead to growth of mould & fungus resulting in poor Indoor Air Quality.

Wrap-Around Heat Pipes are excellent means to achieve control over indoor humidity as they enhance the moisture removal by cooling coils, with virtually zero operating cost. Commercial buildings like hospitals, hotels and green buildings are all ideal candidates for heat pipes.  On industrial side, food, pharmaceutics and many other industries benefit greatly with prevention of high humidity spikes that can adversely affect product quality.

Wrap Around Heat Pipe

Straight Heat Pipes

for energy savings in the Make up air intake

Exhaust air from air-conditioned buildings imposes a huge energy penalty on air-conditioned buildings.  The fresh air that is needed to replace the outgoing air comes in with a significantly higher heat content making the air-conditioning system need excessive energy to cool it to the desired indoor levels.

Straight Heat Pipes are an excellent means of energy recovery from the outgoing building exhaust. The pre-conditioning of makeup air done by InviroTech Straight Heat Pipes by exchanging energy with the exhaust air, saves energy and provides reduction in in operating cost.  Important to note is that in the efforts to capture waste energy, there is no compromise on the quality of fresh air intake as heat pipes are 100% guaranteed for zero cross contamination.