Healthcare Facilities

Importance of good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) attains higher significance for healthcare facilities like patient wards, operation theatres, laboratories in hospitals, nursing homes and similar buildings. The occupants and users of these buildings ie. the patients and their care givers are both considered to be a high risk population. Patients obviously have compromised health conditions and are at a risk of contracting diseases related to air borne contaminants like mold, fungus, dust particles, bacteria, viruses, etc. Even the care givers and staff of hospitals are constantly exposed to sick patients as part of their work and when poor IAQ is added to their risk factors, they face a double whammy of sorts.

InviroTech products can be of immense value to healthcare facilities as we often say that  “Everything we do, Improves IAQ”. Our product range is designed to help improve several aspects IAQ. Not only IAQ improvements, our product range also saves energy compare with conventional products that they replace in modern and important buildings.

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Our Products

InviroTech Heat Pipes can help lower relative humidity (RH) in high risk situations, to avoid growth of mold and fungus in hospital wards, operating theatres, Intensive Care Units (ICU), etc. InviroTech Heat Pipes are able to do this by providing free reheating (zero operating cost) after the cooling coil to lower the RH. InviroTech has done several projects in Hospitals, especially in hospitals such as Singapore General Hospital where electric heaters have been banned for humidity control purposes. Keeping relative humidity role is a big step in keeping your indoor environment clean and healthy.

Healthcare facilities have far more exhaust air and consequently higher fresh air intake than commercial buildings. The reason for this is that the buildings need to get rid of contaminated air from wards, toilets and laboratories at prescribed rates of air change. This means higher operating cost as fresh air needs to be brought-in, which has higher heat content compared to exhaust.  InviroTech Straight Heat Pipes can recover cooling from outgoing exhaust, thereby saving energy in downstream air conditioning system. Important to note is that all this saving is achieved without compromising the freshness and purity of incoming air, which can be at risk in case of other types of recovery systems like heat wheels.

Healthcare facilities, more than most other buildings, are susceptible to diseases and germs being in the air simply due to the industry in which they operate.

UVGI Systems for Airconditioning Systems are reliable and easy method to removing and inactivating germs from the passing air.  As the building air passes through air-condition systems several 10-20 times in an hour, UVGI systems deployment in air handling units or ducts can virtually turn the air-conditioning system to be a germicidal system, which constantly keeps the air fresh and therefore buildings fresh, safe and healthy.

Healthcare facilities have to worry about more than just germs in the air, that being dust particles in the air. Patients with respiratory diseases are very susceptible to anything from dust to fine particulate matter in the air. This is where InviroTech is able to show its strong suit by providing ZenAir Electronic Air Cleaners. Our Electronic Air Cleaners are able to handle difficult conditions that we sometimes face, like haze and the Electronic Air Cleaners keep removing more particles every time the air is returned to them due to the electrostatic nature of the filters. This unique feature allows ZenAir EACs to achieve very high air filtration rates.