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Importance of good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is of huge significance for Entertainment and Gaming facilities and other similar buildings like Casinos, Cinemas, Auditoriums, Stadiums etc. The impressions and opinion of the clients and users of these buildings, i.e. the guests, have huge implication for the facility owners. It is obvious that freshness in air is one of primary source of how we feel about a place. 

Stale or contaminated air is not pleasant for anyone and the survival and success of a casino, for example, depends on its indoor air to be pleasant and safe. Many of these places have people sitting and playing very close to each other, and so it becomes really easy for the disease carrying microbes to travel from one person to everyone in the room, hence infecting them. Arguably these buildings are one of the most at-risk places to catch diseases that are airborne. Onus to keep clients safe and healthy and happy is on the building owners. This is necessary, not only as an obligation as a host to the visiting guests, but also for the very survival and success of the building.

InviroTech and its products can help clients from the Entrainment industry achieve their air quality needs with innovative and energy saving solutions. An investment in good air quality is essentially and investment in the business.

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The entertainment industry relies heavily on the comfort of their guests to stay for extended periods of time. Whether that is a game in an indoor stadium, a movie in a cinema or a show in an auditorium, it is vital for guests to stay engaged and come back again because they enjoyed their time at the venue. In the case of casinos, the longer a guest stays, the more profitable it is for the casino, so clearly it is optimal to create a comfortable environment. One of the easiest ways to create discomfort is high relative humidity in these areas as it can create uneasiness among the guests and also damage the building with mold and fungal growth. 

InviroTech Heat Pipes are an ideal solution for maintaining low humidity and no operating costs. Heat pipes are able to reintroduce heat, thereby lowering the relative humidity of the supply air after the cooling coil. Unlike the other devices that heat pipes compete with, they are able to reheat, not only at no operating cost, but also reduce energy usage at the same time, as they can lower the fresh/return air temperature going to the cooling coil. InviroTech Heat Pipes are a quick and easy solution to your reheating and humidity needs.

Since the whole of the entertainment industry relies on guest staying for extended periods in enclosed spaces, there will be large quantities of fresh air and equally large amounts of exhaust from the toilets, smoking rooms, etc. This exhaust is near room temperature and when we let it go, we are essentially wasting the energy we spent cooling it down to room temperature when it started of as outdoor air. One way of mitigating this energy wastage is to use the exhaust to cool down the incoming fresh air in to the facility. 

InviroTech Straight Heat Pipes can achieve this goal and lower the temperature of the fresh air by transferring its heat to the exhaust air. The best part about this technology is that it can be done without any cross contamination whatsoever. So that means that if you have exhaust air from a toilet or from a smoking lounge, the pollutants in the exhaust air cannot leak into the fresh air; and only heat transfer takes place between the two streams!

Even though having a lot of guests is great for business, if we consider that they are in enclosed spaces for long periods of time, we also need to make sure that the air they interact with is safe and healthy. Guests, whether you like it or not, are naturally going to bring diseases and infections with them. That is why it becomes our job to ensure that they don’t spread it to others in our facilities. 

Another major source of biological material in the air is the cooling coils of the air handling units as they are inherently damp and dark places and so mold and fungal spores develop on the fins and drain pan and fly in the air from there. That’s where Spectra UVGI Systems can come into play. The UVGI Systems not only sanitise the air but also saves valuable energy. Our UVGI systems use UVC rays which deactivate all microorganisms that it interacts with in the air and the cooling coil surfaces, removing the biofilm and biofouling coating on the cooling coil. This helps to improve the efficiency of the the coil by double digits, as has been varified according to various studies.

In the entertainment industry, a multitude of guests with different needs have to be served. Some guests will be smoking in or around the building that will create particulate matter in the air, while all guests shed excess skin cells overtime.These are a few of the many factors that can affect the air quality and overtime it may get worse.

This is where ZenAir Electronic Air Cleaners can have a significant impact on the particulate count, especially when there is a lot of recirculating air like that in casinos. Electronic Air Cleaners become effective when the air passes through them multiple times and they remove a high percentage of the particulate matter in every pass. Unlike traditional air filters, Electronic Air Cleaners can capture small and big particles in almost equal percentages.