Client Comments

En. Amir Bin AdamAsstt. Director (Mech)
JKR Malaysia (PWD)
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Heat Pipe advantage was seen in practice in this hospital as there was a clear difference in RH levels of AHUs with and without Heat Pipes. Heat Pipes also provide great energy savings. InviroTech has done a good job. We hope this hospital will not have the mold and fungus problem happening in many other places.
Mr GaneshProject Manager
Blue Star M & E Sdn Bhd
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Usually during the testing and commissioning of project it is very hard to achieve RH as there is no heat load in the building. But thanks to Heat Pipes, Cheras Rehab project proved to be different. The AHUs with Heat Pipes have achieved RH flawlessly right during T & C itself, so there is no worry of mold& fungus setting in. InviroTech Heat Pipes are very good… A product with great support from InviroTech!
Mr Alan LowProject Manager
Metronics Engineering SdnBhd
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As an instrumentation engineer, I have been involved in a number of hospital projects. But Cheras Rehab is perhaps rare to have achieved 55% RH even without heat load. Full credit goes to Heat Pipes and InviroTech.
Mr Pua Ching TianDirector, PE Consultant
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Frankly speaking, when we adopted Heat Pipe in our aircon design, everyone was skeptical. The design ideas provided by InviroTech were put through rigorous CFD modeling test and were found performing very well in theory. Finally the results at site vindicated our stand that Heat Pipes can and do work well for humidity control.
Mr Gui Sim MiowSenior Manager
Career Malaysia Sdn Bhd
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I have seen Heat Pipes in operation at food factory. Heat Pipes eliminated almost 86 KW of electric heaters and the client was happy to have a payback on investment in 3 months flat. Thanks to Heat Pipes, we got repeat orders for their other factories.
En. ShamsulSales Manager
York Malaysia Sales & Service Sdn Bhd
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I am a strong supporter of Heat Pipe technology. I have seen it in operation in many of my projects. Most of my clients have ordered repeatedly from InviroTech. I think Heat Pipes have a huge potential in future.
Mr James LoManaging Director
Way Technovation, Singapore
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I have been in Humidity Control business for the past 30 years and we have used InviroTech Heat Pipes in many of our projects. We have always found their Heat Pipes to have excellent performance and are very reliable. In fact, at times we have found InviroTech Heat Pipes performing even better than their predicted performance in their published data. We love the support InviroTech gave us during design process. Thank you InviroTech!
En. SamsuriMaintenance Department
KPJ Group of Hospitals, Malaysia
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InviroTech Heat Pipes have worked very well for our operation theatres. We are maintaining 50% RH without any electrical heaters or desiccant dehumidifiers. Previously when we used heaters there were many control problems, but with Heat Pipes there is no control issue and RH has been very stable.
En. AhmadDirector, PrimeTech Engineers Sdn. Bhd.
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PrimeTech Engineers always take pride in introducing the best and the latest technologies for the projects we undertake. The Energy Commission Building at Putra Jaya was special to us, not only for its unique diamond shape but we wanted it to be a model project and become a benchmark in the industry. Heat Pipes was the technology we chose for Humidity Control. Heat Pipes are a passive device which means that it has no moving parts and yet it has amazing efficiency in heat transfer. It provides Humidity Control without any external heat input and therefore is an ideal solution. InviroTech was very supportive during design stage, now it has been two years since the Heat Pipes have been in use and the results have been excellent and we have not required any after sales support too. We wish them good luck for their future endeavours.