UVGI Unique Features

Unique Features

  • InviroTech Spectra UVGI Systems are top choice for AHU manufacturers as well as contractors due to excellent design features and great performance.
  • Spectra UVGI lamps have been used successfully in nearly 20,000 AHU and duct installations to entire satisfaction of the users. For over 15 years InviroTech has been a success story in several counties.
  • InviroTech prides itself in providing top of the line service to clients. Be it pre-sales consultation or after sales support, InviroTech team serves its clients with the aim to exceed expectation.
  • InviroTech Spectra UVGI range is provided with unique innovative features and at the same time the range is wide and versatile to serve diverse needs of project situations.
  • With over 10 types of lamp mounting designs and 6 types of control panels, InviroTech Spectra is able to meet virtually all types of tender specifications from around the world
Double Skin Lamps

Double Skin Lamps

  • InviroTech Spectra UVGI lamps are available in several shapes and construction types to suit various application cases.
    • Double Glass Construction UVGI Lamps: With IP68 certification, DGC defies the Wind-Chill effect which can reduce performance of single glass lamps to 50%.  These lamps deliver constant high output at Low temperature airflow that exist in AHUs.
    • Single Glass Construction lamps: Most advisable to be used only for ‘before-coil’ applications in AHUs. Although this is common offering for most UVGI companies, there is a drawback of performance loss when lamps are subjected to to chilled air flow.
    • Flange Mounted and U Shaped Lamps: Used in duct applications for their simplicity of installation and maintenance
  • AHU and Duct Mount Series are available for all size of AHUs and Ducts.
    • AHU Mount Fixtures:  Several AHU Mount series are available to suit both objectives of Surface Irradiation as well as Air Purification. Available for lamp sizes ranging from 303 mm to 1554 mm.
    • Duct Mount FixturesDesigned as very practical and non-compromising solutions, there are 3 types of duct mounts which allow high effectiveness of air purification and at the same time allow all maintenance of UVGI systems
Single Skin Lamps

Single Skin Lamps

  • Control Panels
    • Various  models of control panels are available which satisfy entire spectrum of customer needs and project specification.
    • Provided with safety features like interlocking with door switches to protect operating personnel from accidental UVC exposure.
    • Fault status feature allow the monitoring of UVC lamps without anyone having to enter the ducts / AHUs.
    • Several types of BMS integrations are available for remote fault reporting and remote on-off.
    • IP65 panels, SS casing, etc. are offered for special cases.
  • Third Party Certifications: Ther performance and Construction of InviroTech Spectra are backed by numerous 3rd Party Certifications. 
  • InviroTech Spectra UV Selection Software: The stellar performance of InviroTech Spectra is backed by its state-of-the-art software that predicts best solutions. InviroTech UV Selection Software (UVSS) makes the complex and tedious UV irradiance Calculations simple yet an accurate process.
UV Seelction Software