Spectra UVGI Control Systems

UV Monitoring Systems

Spectra UVGI Control Panels come with a variety of control and monitoring options. The range starts with a simple control panel which just provides interlocking and on/off control of UV Lamps; and leads to other advanced versions, which have state-of-the-art technology to ensure efficient and convenient regulation and monitoring of UVGI Lamp Systems.

// UVMS Basic Series

Basic Control Panel

The Basic Control Panel is primarily only for turning the UV light on and off via a selector switch. It is recommended for clients who do not require any level of UVGI lamp monitoring.

Basic Standard:
– On/ Off Selector Switch & Pilot Lamp
– Door safety switch interlocking
– Standard Scope : PVC Enclosure

Basic Plus: MS Control Panel + Standard Features

Basic Max: AHU Interlocking Relay + Basic Plus features

Basic Control Panel


// UVMS Alpha Series

Alpha Control Panel

The Alpha Control Panel introduces lamp fault detection, and will provide a visual alert if any lamp is faulty.

Alpha Standard:
– All features of Basic Plus
– Individual LED for lamp fault.

Alpha Plus: Hour counter LCD + Alpha Standard features

Alpha Max: AHU Interlocking Relay + Alpha Plus features

Alpha Monitoring System


// UVMS Excel Series

Excel Control Panel

The Excel Control Panel introduces BMS communication via dry contacts, and will provide a signal to the BMS if any lamp is faulty.

Excel Standard:
– All features of Alpha Standard
– Dry contact for Lamp Fault
– Common Fault Pilot Light

Excel Plus: Hour counter LCD + Excel Standard features

Excel Max: AHU Interlocking Relay + Excel Plus features


// UVMS Advance Series

Advance Control Panel

The Advanced Control Panel introduces further communications with the BMS as described below.

Advance Standard:
– All features of Excel Max
– Run status dry contact for Lamps

Advance Plus: Adds Ammeter

Advance Max: Upgrade to Stainless Steel Casing

Advanced UVMS Contrl Panel


// UVMS Pro Series

Pro Control Panel

The Pro Control Panel takes lamp monitoring to the next level, with a LCD screen and monitoring of lamp hours for each individual lamp.

Pro Features:

  • All features of Advance Max
  • Run Hour counting for individual lamps
  • LCD Screen display for system messages
Pro Monitoring System


// UVMS RM Series

Radiometer Control Panel

The Radiometer Control Panel implements a radiometer to measure the intensity of the UVGI system over time.

RM Standard:

  • All features of Basic Plus + Common Radiometer sensor
  • Fault Dry Contact + Fault pilot light


RM Plus: RM Standard features+ Programmable hour counter

RM Max: RM Plus features + Individual lamp fault LEDs with dry contact, Run status Dry contact, AHU interlock relay.