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UV Ozone Lamps

Ozone is a powerful oxidant (far more so than dioxygen or O2) and has many industrial and consumer applications related to oxidization. Ozone has been successfully used in water and air applications to cure the smell and microbial contamination. For air applications, the most effective use of ozone is in neutralization of various hydrocarbon and gases which may exist as pollutants in the air.

When air is exposed to short-wave ultra-violet radiation (UV) of 185 nm wavelength, atmospheric oxygen is transformed and ozone (O3) is produced.

Twin UV Oz

UV Ozone Lamps

Carbon Filters

Activated carbon is one of the most porous substances ever discovered by mankind and has huge capacity to retain the molecules from surrounding fluids without reacting with them. This process is known as adsorption. This makes the activated carbon a very effective sieve for molecules of air pollution and gaseous components in air that can be of objectionable nature like toxicity, corrosively or odour.

Kitchen exhausts can have odours that might require to be removed from air before it is discharged out to outdoors.

InviroTech ZenAir ACF modules help in mitigation of odours in exhaust fumes from kitchens. Pairing of ACF modules with Electrostatic Precipitator units helps to enhance the life of activated carbon. The ACF modules of InviroTech ZenAir range come in two options of thickness 25 mm and 100 mm deep. Depending on the expected load of odorous fumes content appropriate model can be chosen.

ACF 25 mm

ACF 25 mm

ZenAir PuriComb 100 mm

ACF 100