Electrostatic Precipitators Operating Principle

Operating Principle

The ZenAir Electrostatic Precipitators are divided into 4 sections: ⁃ Pre-Filter ⁃ Ionizing Section ⁃ Collector Plate Section ⁃ After-Filters and UV lights

The pre-filter section consists of washable metallic filters made of multi-layer pleated aluminium mesh which prevents any unwanted material carried in the air to reach the deeper sections of the equipment.

Ionizing and Collector section work as a pair. The ionising section imparts a static electricity charge to the particles of dust and other contaminants. These charged particles then pass on to the collector section which consists of parallel plates having alternating polarity of high voltage. The narrow space between the plates set up highly active electrostatic field and the particles which have been already imparted charge get attracted to the opposite polarity plates. When the particulate impurities of the air are held onto the plates, the air naturally gets cleaner and becomes like fresh and healthier.