Electrostatic Precipitators Unique Features

Unique Features

InviroTech supplies high quality products and the Electrostatic Percipitators are no exception. There are several key points that make these Electrostatic Percipitators unique:

The Ioniser section has Spiked Stainless Steel Plates instead of conventional thin wires which are prone to breakage and add unwanted maintenance costs.

The high voltage modules are protected with Ceramic Insulators which are far superior compared to polymer insulator materials.

An enhanced Depth Collector Cell provides Greater Dirt Holding/ Collection Capacity.

The air cleaner has a high efficiency – up to 95% on Single Pass and 99% on Double Pass Option (DOP Test Method).

Permanent Ioniser/ Collector Elements means that there is no Consumable Filter Cost; Just Wash, Dry and Reinstall!

Our models have Low Pressure Drop (90 Pa), thus Lower Energy Cost to Operate Compared to Media and Cartridge Units.

A Safety interlocked hinged Door for Filter Access is provided. This ensures a Quick & Easy access and No Tools Required!

The Power Supply is Solid State.