ZenAir EAC Operating Principle

Operating Principle

EAC Operating Principle

Pattern of Dust Loading on Filter Media

EAC Operating Principle

ZenAir has triple action performance. It takes advantage of not one, but three scientific filtration principles combined in one, to clean the air and trap unwanted and harmful particulate matter in the air.

The three principles at work in all ZenAir Air Cleaners are:

  • Impingement – trapping of the particles by mechanically stopping them
  • Polarization – magnetizing the particles by highlighting their electronic polarity
  • Agglomeration – making particles to stick together and form clusters.

Conventional media use only impingement, whereas the older methods of electrostatic precipitator only use electromagnetic effects. ZenAir combines both these into one simple yet effective air purification device.

  1. Dirty air is pulled into ZenAir System by aircon blower in AHU or FCU
  2. Particles flow through a wire mesh screen
  3. Air passes through Electrostatic fiber media which has an embedded mesh electrode. The electrode is connected to the high voltage power module and its dissipates charge evenly throughout the media pad. Everything in contact with an electrostatic charge, media as well as particles become polarized.
  4. Agglomeration causes polarized particles to attract each other and stick together to form larger clumps.
  5. Agglomerated particle clusters get attracted to the media fibers and cleaner air flows out from ZenAir.