ZenAir EAC Unique Features

Unique Features

The simple and compact design of ZenAir Electronic Air Cleaner makes it ideal for any air conditioning system. It can be easily fitted into existing air-conditioning installations and in most cases does not require any additional installation space.

  • Proven to remove 99% of particles that are just 0.3 to 1.0 micron in size
  • Removes dust, mould, spores and smoke particles leading to better hygiene of the indoor space
  • Uses cutting edge technology for triple action filtration – impingement, polarisation and agglomeration
  • No ionization – No Ozone
  • Available in two thicknesses, 1” & 2”. Custom Sizes available to fit any and all AHU and grill sizes.
  • Provides high efficiency filteration with low air flow resistance.
  • Low maintenance replacable media, no messy cleaning procedure
  • Efficiency doesnot drop with usage
  • Optional: Activated carbon filter effectively removes odours for fresh smelling air.
  • Optional: A feature rich BMS communication module

ZenAir is not only easy to install and maintain, it saves energy too. Due to its triple action electronic principle, ZenAir operates with a fraction of pressure drop of conventional media filters. Even compared to the Wire and Plate type Electrostatic Precipitators, ZenAir saves over 90% of the operating cost.

ZenAir power consumption is only 2 watts as compared with 35-45 watts used in Wire & Plate type Electrostatic Precipitators, which leads to continuous saving in air purification cost.