ZenAir EAC Options

Options/ Add Ons

  • Option to choose Models from 25 mm and 50 mm (nominal) thickness
  • Options for custom sizes to suit FCU and in-duct installation.
  • Control Panel Options:

    • Standalone Simple Control Panels: Features of Simple control panels are:
      • To provide power supply to all the EAC panels installed at a location
      • Local On/off regulation of EACs installed.
      • Option for IP65 control panel enclosures
    • Advanced Panels with BMS Link:  Advance series panels are provided with a variety of functions:
      • Provide centralised power supply to EAC panels installed at a location.
      • Local on/off control with on/off switch.
      • Interlocking with AHU power supply.
      • Run hour logger via in-built programmable timer.
      • Local fault display for individual LED for each EAC panel installed.
      • Option to add differential pressure switch to monitor media loading.
      • Option for IP65 control panel enclosures
      • BMS link via voltage free dry contacts :
        • Common HV Module fault
        • Run hour based media change alert.
        • Remote on/off via BMS.
        • Pressure Drop sensor
EAC Control Panel