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InviroTech products listed in GreenPages Malaysia

Green Pages Malaysia is an information resource directory for green building products and services. The primary objective of Green Pages Malaysia is in connecting sustainable building products and services to conscientious clients, developers and building professionals.
This directory is available both online and also in the form of a hard copy magazine.
The user-friendly, online interface will be consistently updated and maintained for the convenience of customer reference. Green building products and services listings are stringently regulated and screened by the trusted Advisory Board, an independent committee consisting of MGBC Board Members, invited professionals and industry experts in their respective fields. The Advisory Board reviews and decides on what is suitable to be listed.
InviroTech Systems has been successful in getting its products listed in the GreenPages Malaysia Directory. To view our directory listings, please click on the links below.

a) InviroTech Heat Pipes:
Listed under Energy Efficiency Section

b) Spectra UVGI Systems:
Listed under Energy Efficiency Section

c) InviroTech-Trion Electronic Air Cleaners:
Listed under Energy Efficiency Section

d) InviroTech-Trion Kitchen Exhaust Ionisers:
Listed under Indoor Environmental Quality Section

e) InviroTech-Klingenburg Heat Recovery Wheels:
Listed under Energy Efficiency Section

Should you require any further information on our Green Products, please contact us.