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Did you know that Spectra UVGI Lamps can help reduce AHU Operating Costs?

In the previous post, we explained how the growth of mold and mildew on the damp and dark surfaces of the non-maintained cooling coils inside an Aircon System impacts the building IAQ. Further, as a result of the poor IAQ inside the building, the health of the building occupants is adversely impacted. We also established the fact that if the building/ business owners continue to ignore this issue and the cooling coils continue to contaminate the building air, it would result in productivity loss as well as reduced profit for business/ building owners.

But this is not it… the unkept cooling coils can cause other losses too…

This is because besides affecting the health of the building occupants, these can result in heavy power consumption resulting in higher electricity bills for the company.

Why do contaminated coils consume more power?

The biofilm growing on the cooling coil fins surface is like a gel and is often a mix of microbes of variouy kinds. It is easy to imagine how the presence of a gel like growth in between the fins can choke the narrow passage of air passing through the cooling coils. These bacteria-laden coils result in poor heat transfer, a higher pressure drop as the fan has to use more energy, which leads to huge energy consumption and increased operating cost of the fans.

Regular cleaning of the coils is required for easy flow of the air, lower pressure drop, better heat transfer, more moisture removal and savings in chilled water circulation rate. This leads to a huge saving in energy consumption costs.

It is estimated that about 37% additional energy is required to run AHU fans with dirty coils. 

This growth of biofilm on the coil fins, if not taken care of, can also reduce the lifespan of the equipment, which would mean massive costs of equipment replacement to the owners.

Therefore it is absolutely necessary to keep the cooling coils inside the AHU clean.

Installation of InviroTech Spectra UVGI Systems inside the AHUs are the safest, most effective and eco-friendly solution for coil cleaning and eliminating mold & mildew growth in the AHU.



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