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7 Critical Questions You Ought to Ask Your UV Lamp Supplier

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As we have explained that there is significant scope for energy savings and IAQ enhancement when cooling coils are kept clean and free from microbial growth in between the finsClean Cooling coils improve the air quality of the building and at the same time restore the heat transfer of the cooling coils.

The safest, most efficient and eco-friendly solution to coils cleaning and keeping them hygienic is the installation of UVGI Lamp Systems inside the AHU. Loaded with many benefits, UVGI Systems makes an ideal add-on to AHUs and ducting with high pay-off. Installation of UVGI Systems is, therefore, a simple-looking yet most effective solution to several problems.

We have discussed these issues at length in our previous few reach-outs to you. If there is clarification required on our previous posts, please send us a short note.  Going forward, we would like to take this journey deeper into the UVC technology and the best practices you can follow that can help you to make the most of your investment on the UVGI Lamp Systems.

Parameters for choosing UVGI Systems

Like any other product, in the market place, there are several options of UVGI System for the buyer.  It can get quite tricky and stressful for someone not so well versed with ins and outs of UVGI Lamp Systems to make the right decision.

We, at InviroTech, understand this and therefore in this post, we will be highlighting a few questions that you would want to keep in mind and also ask the UVGI Lamp Systems vendors while in the process of purchasing or specifying a UVGI Lamp Systems.

Given below are a few pointers and parameters that if you are aware of, can enable you to make wise decisions in the selection of the right UVGI System for your Project. Whether you are a specifying consultant, a buying contractor or an owner, we are confident you will find the information immensely useful. And we assure you, you will never regret your choice thereafter.

  1. What is the ideal Place for UV Installation? Whether it should be inside AHU or in the duct. Options could also include, before or after cooling coil.
  2. How much UV Dosage, Intensity of UV Lamps is enough?
  3. How is the optimum quantity of UV lamps to be installed decided? such that you don’t end up with an insufficient installation that does no justice to the objective of effective germ-killing action.
  4. What safety standards, guidelines, and good engineering practices need to be followed in order to make the UV installation safe and long-lasting?
  5. What precautions are needed to have a safe installation inside an AHU, where there are areas of darkness and plenty of dampness & water condensation?
  6. What maintenance options and control strategies shall be provided for proper care of the UVGI Systems so that they remain a viable and productive investment for its long life?
  7. What options are provided for remote management and monitoring of UV installations?

If your UVGI Supplier has thought through these questions and has satisfactory answers to these questions for you, then you will never go wrong with your choice if you purchase your UVGI Lamps from that purchaser.

Of course, you need to know the answers to these questions yourself as well. Which is why in our upcoming posts, we shall take up answers to each of these questions and more, and also walk you through this journey of discovery whereby you will get to know all you need to know about UVC Lamp Systems.

We assure you that the wait for each of the next few emails will be worthwhile.

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