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U-Shaped Heat Pipes and Straight Heat Pipes: The Difference

Heat Pipes Types

We have been asked a lot about the difference between the Straight Heat Pipe and Wrap-around (U-shaped) Heat Pipe, so there it is.

Wrap-around (U-shaped) Heat Pipes are primarily used for energy saving and humidity control. They provide a very reliable and energy saving alternative to electric heaters or other forms of reheating.

There are typically two methods to use them:

  1. In fresh air Precool AHU: With tWrap Around Heat Pipehis method, heat pipe facilitates proper cooling of fresh air and usually the fresh air supply can be maintained around 20 Deg.C, 50% RH.  In this way, fresh air mixing with return air becomes a source of ‘dehumidification’ rather than being a moisture load.
  2. Used in main AHU:  this method is used when there is a need to regulate the reheat and RH levels are critical to be maintained like in Operation Theaters, Labs, etc.

Main features of Wrap Around Heat Pipes are as below:

  • A device installed in an AHU for transferring heat efficiently between two locations by using the evaporation and condensation of a fluid.
  • Improves air quality, prevents mold and fungus growth.
  • Reduces humidity to  50 -55% RH.
  • Zero operating cost, capital cost savings, installation space savings, payback period usually less than a year.
  • No electrical connection needed, required no external energy to operate.
  • Completely silent operation, no moving parts.
  • Long service life – no wear and tear, nothing to replace; Virtually maintenance free.
  • Easy to regulate reheat with thermostat control.
  • Easy points in Green Rating Systems (GBI, LEED BCI, etc).

Straight Heat Pipes are an exhaust recovery device. Two air streams pass through two sections of heat pipe – One is fresh air intake and the other is the outgoing exhaust air. Heat pipe captures cooling from fresh air and uses it to pre-cool the fresh air, hence saving energy on further cooling of air.

InviroTech Straight Heat Pipes

  • Heat Pipes have no moving parts and save energy without any maintenance requirement.
  • Straight heat pipes are best when there is a need to have complete separation of exhaust and fresh air so that there is 100% guarantee that there will not be a chance of contamination of fresh air with exhaust.
  • These heat pipes primarily recover sensible heat.

InviroTech Systems manufactures and markets both types of heat pipes. To use Heat Pipes in your projects, to make them green and humidity free, contact us.

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