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Why Casinos need InviroTech Heat Pipes?

 To people entertainment means pleasure… a medium which makes them forget their stress…

….but the last thing they want is to worry about is the possible health risks associated.

Therefore, it becomes important for the entertainment provider to ensure that all measures are taken to keep their customers safe and let them truly get what they paid for… Enjoyment!

According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “Indoor air can be 10 times more polluted than outdoor air”. This is more serious in casinos, where there are a significant number of people smoking that generates high concentration of secondhand smoke and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). This can contaminate the indoor air, making it unsafe for people.

The people who own these facilities need to understand the ill effects poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can have on their customers and staff, why it is important that they take appropriate measures and what can they do to improve such conditions.

Possible causes of poor IAQ in all indoor gambling establishments – Casinos, card rooms, bingo halls, slot machine dens, poker lounges, sports betting halls and others:

a) Biological contaminants lead to poor IAQ that can contribute to health issues in people who are exposed. In Casinos, there are a large number of people present at any given time and are often sitting close to each other. Particularly individuals, especially the elderly or those with existing respiratory condition, are at a high risk of being affected by airborne contaminants. Thus, avoiding high levels of mold in the air is very important.

b) Use of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC):  Another factor that contributes to poor IAQ in casinos is the consistent use of cleaners that contain chemical compounds or VOCs. VOCs can also contribute to several health issues as mentioned above. In a casino there is a constant need to sanitize or clean the area, resulting in a higher level of VOCs present in the air. It is important to know what products are being used and what kind of chemicals they contain.

c) Cigarette Smoke: A commonly understood cause of health issues at casinos and other gambling establishments is the presence of smoke. Not only the active smokers, the cigarette smoke can be dangerous for the passive smokers too. A report issued by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) indicated that individuals who work in a casino environment are exposed to high levels of secondhand smoke. Additionally, the report details a significant increase in “tobacco-specific carcinogens” present in casino workers’ bodies as their shifts went on.  The report goes on to indicate that those working in such an environment had a higher risk of developing lung and heart disease as a result of exposure to secondhand smoke.  NIOSH also states that “six out of every 10,000 nonsmoking Pennsylvania casino workers will die each year because of exposure to secondhand smoke.” Furthermore, nicotinine (metabolized nicotine) levels of non-smoking casino workers have been documented as being “300-600% higher than in other smoking workplaces during a work shift.”

d) High Humidity: Any buildings, including Casino, in tropics, like Malaysia & Singapore, constantly suffer from problems of high humidity. High humidity becomes perfect location for toxic mold and fungus to fester. If mold spores are present and water is added, mold can begin to grow rapidly, even within 48 hours. This can lead to serious health problems among people who are exposed. Severe reactions can even cause damage to the kidneys, immune system, central nervous system or brain, and can even result in death.

Not only does presence of mold cause serious health problems, it also destroy the structural integrity and aesthetics of the building demanding remediation, which is neither easy nor cheap.

In Casino there are two sources of moisture:

  1. Fresh Air intake for ventilation purpose
  2. Occupants, which includes gamers or visitors as well as staff. Occupants release moisture into the space as a matter of metabolism.

However, experience has shown that even in the most ventilated of locations, health problems are still rampant, especially in tropical climates where fresh air used for ventilation comes loaded with moisture.  And introducing more and more fresh air also constantly adds to more and more moisture in the rooms.

The heat load in the casino is not constant and therefore the air conditioning system will modulate the supply air temperature in accordance to the cooling needed in the room.  The higher the supply air temperature, higher is the moisture content in supply air.  Therefore, when the casino indoors do not have full heat load, the moisture indoors i.e. RH % rises.

Therefore, it becomes important to implement a solution that can deliver right humidity level without compromising the building ventilation to ensure the cleanest environment and best IAQ (IAQ can be improved by proper ventilation), given the circumstances.

Solution for Improvement of Indoor Air Quality with Humidity Control

InviroTech Heat Pipes 

To know more about how InviroTech Heat Pipes can control humidity, write to us.

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