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Happy World Green Building Week 2012

In 2009, the World Green Building Council (WGBC) celebrated September 23 as the World Green Building Day and in 2010, WGBC expanded its celebration from a day to a week.

This year in 2012, from 17th – 21st September, we will be celebrating the World Green Building Week for the third time. This week has gained tremendous popularity in the US. Soon the other countries have joined in the celebrations and with support from their respective Green Building Councils many events are organized to support the cause of Building Green.

Malaysia developed its Green Building Index (GBI) in 2009 and within 3 years, it now has 70 GBI Certified Buildings covering more than 26 million sq. ft.This is all thanks to the efforts of Malaysia Green Building Council (MGBC) with huge support from the Malaysian government.

 While both MGBC and Malaysian Government are playing their role, the ultimate success of the cause depends on the implementers – Us – and it is we who need to join hands to make Green Malaysia, Greener..
All InviroTech Products are Green Building Products and use of these products in your project, you can take a step towards making your planet Green.

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