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Invirotech Heat Pipes Control Humidity in Hospitals

Discomfort due to sick buildings

It is of extreme importance for the Hospitals, clinics and healthcare centres to install proper mechanisms for maintaining safe and healthy Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

Hospitals are places where sick people interact with other sick people as well as healthy people. The sick people have poor immune system and are vulnerable to catching such diseases from indoor air and such infections have been already categorized as “Hospital Acquired Infections” or HAI in short.  The staff and visitors are equally exposed to such risk.

To top it all, Hospitals in Tropical Climates such as that of Malaysia and Singapore also face the problems of high humidity, which causes growth of mold and fungus that can affect the hospitals in the following ways:

  1. Patients and staff can catch Hospital Acquired Infections
  2. The surgeons and doctors wear heavy clothing while operations and check-ups, high humidity causes sweat and discomfort leading to loss of concentration
  3. Hospital houses sensitive equipment, which needs to be kept clean; high humidity can damage this equipment
  4. High humidity can result in spoilage and lumping of medicines making them inedible.

Also, according to EPA, high humidity is one of the top three factors that effect the quality of Indoor Air.

Therefore, hospitals need to take special care to control humidity.

And this can easily be done by InviroTech Heat Pipes. These U-shapes equipment operates from inside the Hospital Aircon systems and controls humidity without any additional energy and requires absolutely no maintenance.

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