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InviroTech participated in TSGBCA 2012

Mohan Dhingra getting the participation certificate

InviroTech participated in the Tropical Sub-tropical Green Building Alliance Conference (TSGBAC) 2012 held at the KLCC Conventional Center on 4th and 5th July 2012.

Conference with Exhibition

TSGBCA is an alliance of green building councils (GBC) with shared interests in the environmental characteristics of the tropical and sub-tropical region – Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore. This is the 3rd addition of the conference that was initiated by China Green Building Council in October 2009. The conference will focus on the theme, “Naturally Tropical Truly Innovative.”

Some of the key speakers at the conference included – Ms Jane Henley, CEO, World Green Building Council; Li Congxiao, Director CSUS Green Building China; Ar Tai Lee Siang, Singapore; Naning Adiwoso, Indonesia Green Building Council; Rod Leaver, CEO, Lend Lease Asia; Tsou Jin Yeu, University of Hong Kong; Ken Yeang, TR Hamzah & Yeang and Michael Budig, ETH Centre Singapore.

GB Malaysia

Each of the speakers emphasized on how important it is now to construct Green Buildings and how government is supporting and rewarding those who have taken a step forward to build green.

The facts presented were amazing. Many speakers emphasized on the fact that it is a myth that Building Green is costly. There may be some additional cost to build green, but this cost is recovered with the energy savings and other benefits that you achieve.

InviroTech Systems, represented our Managing Director, Mr Mohan Dhingra, was one of the presenters at the conference.

We presented a paper on “Humidity Control in Tropical Climate with Heat Pipes – The Green Way!”

InviroTech at the Exhibition

The presentation focused on the fact that tropical climate is more humid than hot. And since the climate is not as hot as it should be for aircons to work at their capacity, the aircons are not able to control humidity fully.

Mohan informed all that Heat Pipes provides the “missing heat”, which helps the coil inside the aircon to remove more water and deliver the necessary RH control capacity. Heat Pipes is an energy efficient and eco-friendly method to control humidity. And because of this InviroTech Heat Pipes is considered a Green Cost Item as per GBI and have also been provided by a green rating.

The conference was a huge success and was attended by many engineers, architects, builders, developers, contractors, consultants, government officials, corporates, academia, green building experts, and many others.

We are positive that conferences like this surely leave a mark on many and go a long way…

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